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Monday, February 7, 2011

Jewelry, Polygamy & the Arts

Hey, did that title catch your attention?? Well, although it sounds mightily exciting, there is no actual polygamy going on here...just the virtual. To elucidate: right now I am in rehearsal for the farce Boeing Boeing, which you may know is about a man, Bernard, who juggle three  fiancees at the same time.  It works (until it doesn't) as they are all 'air hostesses', each one with a different flight schedule, and a different nationality and personality. I'm playing 'Gabriella', the spicy Italian.  It's a good old door-slamming farce; silly fun in the spirit of an old Doris Day movie, where nothing 'blue' is ever said outright, but everthing has layers of innuendo. Lots. Here's a link to a preview notice.

Now, as you may guess, the jewelry part is self-explanatory. I've spent my last several days getting my Etsy listings current - almost there! And my evenings in rehearsal...and later on nursing a sick kid. :(  Yep, the shut in days from the ice last week brewed us up a little viral cocktail. Ah well, this too shall pass, with lots of love, fluids, and in this case, quiet video games! (We all have our vices.) Oh, in my case, I also have to factor in the power of denial: I am NOT SICK.  What mother has time to be sick, anyway??

For a pretty picture, I'll leave you with a few more additions to the shop:

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